Information for Captains – Final team compositions lists & draw offers

Dear captains and representatives of federations,

We would like to remained you that deadline for submission of the final team compositions lists is before or at the technical meeting that will take place on November 10 th in 21:00 PM in the tournament playing hall.
If some of the captains or federation representatives can’t attend technical meeting, please send us final team composition lists before technical meeting on the official email:

Also, information for team captains about regulation regarding draw offer proposals. According ECU regulations B.12.4.2 in presents of arbiters it is allowed for players to ask captains about draw offer proposals.

B.12.4.2 During the games the captain must refrain from interfering in any way. He is, however, entitled to advise his players on the offering or accepting of draws or resigning of games, provided that he makes no comment on the actual position on the chess board, and confines himself to giving brief information which can in no way be regarded as an opinion about the progress of the game. The exchange of information should be done in the presence of the Arbiter.

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