Tournament System

The European Team Championship shall be played according to the Swiss System in 9 rounds, with one Open section and one section for the Women’s teams, each considered as separate competitions.

According to ECU and FIDE rules, the time control will be 90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with 30 seconds increment for every move played starting from move one.

Ranking & Tie-breaking Criteria

The order of teams that finish with the same number of points shall be determined by applying tie-breaking criteria according to the ECU Scoring and tie-breaking system:

  • a) By the sum of Sonneborn–Berger points, which is calculated as follows: match points of each match, excluding the opponent who scored the lowest number of match points, multiplied by the number of board points scored against each opponent respectively.
    The highest number wins; in case of two or more opponents with the same total of match points the lowest results of multiplication shall be excluded.
  • b) By the number of board points won; the highest score wins;
  • c) By the sum of the board points of all team’s opponents, the highest score wins;
  • d) By the sum of the board points of all opponents defeated plus one half of the board points of all the opponents against which a tied result was achieved, the highest score wins

Arbiters and Appeals procedure

Chief and Deputy Arbiters and Appeals Committee will be appointed by European Chess Union.

Protests against decisions of the Chief Arbiter must be submitted in written form to the Chairman of the appeals committee not later than 1 hour after the end of the match. The protest must be accompanied by the sum of 200 EUR as a deposit from the signatory. If the appeal is granted, the sum will be returned immediately. If the appeal is refused, the deposit is forfeited to the ECU. The appeal must be lodged by the player. Decisions of the Appeals Committee are final.


  • Players may only agree to draw after 30 moves has been made by black. Players violating this rule will be forfeited.
  • Any player who has not arrived at the board 15 minutes after the start of the session shall lose the game.
  • All team captains must be Fide licensed trainers.
  • The ECU Dress Code is obligatory as in detail described in the ECU regulations, (shorts, caps, slippers, sun glasses, hats-except for religious reasons, etc. are not allowed).
  • The ECU anti-cheating guidelines, the FIDE Code of Ethics and the ECU Fair Play Code are valid for all the European Championships and all players, arbiters, organizers & participants shall follow these regulations.
  •  In the playing area only players, arbiters and tournament officials are allowed. The access of accredited persons will be specified by the Chief Arbiter. Flashes may be used only in the first 10 minutes after the start of the round.
  • During the tournament, medical service will be provided according to FIDE and ECU rules




You can download ETCC2023 Official Regulations in PDF fromat from the link bellow